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What makes Bullberry different?

Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd. is dedicated to producing premium quality goods for the sporting firearms industry, focusing on exceptional accuracy and performance in custom barrel manufacturing.

Bullberry is a small family-owned/operated company and our primary focus has been the same since 1983: manufacturing custom replacement barrels and woodwork for the Thompson/Center Arms break-action firearms. Also available with our handmade attention to detail and accuracy are custom barrels and woodwork built to improve a wide variety of bolt-action pistols and rifles, and select falling block actions. All of our products manufactured to replace factory original items are made to higher tolerances and quality standards than can be offered by production manufacturers mass-producing firearms and firearm components.

If you are looking for a tactical-style firearm we may not be the right custom shop for you, but when it comes to single-shot or bolt-action firearms being accurized and made to fit you as a unique shooter, or making barrels suited for competition shooters in a variety of games you have found a custom shop that will be happy to chat with you about your individual wants and needs and will likely get you the best bang for your buck; pun intended.

Should you have any questions after looking through our extensive site feel free to Contact Us online or call at 435.635.9866 (we answer phones from 8-noon and 1-5, mountain time, each weekday).

T/C's FlexTech and the Bullberry Hanger System
We will now be offering FlexTech forearms that are compatible with the Bullberry Hanger System. These are limited in what barrel profiles they fit, however, and can only be internally adjusted for barrels with a T/C-style sporter contour (with only a 2.95" straight section at the breech). This means factory or other after-market barrels made in this configuration can continue to be altered to our hanger system and may now be outfitted with the FlexTech forearm internally adjusted to free-float from your barrel(s). Visit our Custom Barrel Profiles page for a visual aid.
While these factory sporter profiles aren't our standard - because we want 5" of straight section for a better scope mounting area - we will taper custom Encore barrels to these specs if a customer is determined to have a FlexTech stockset (black or camo). Please Contact Us with any questions.
CZ bolt-actions: Availability

Bullberry has limited access to both the Hornet-sized 527 actions and magnum-sized 550 actions at this time. These are rarely available as actions only, so customizing them is usually very costly.

Contact Bullberry ASAP with your interest in customizing one (or more) of these actions into a guaranteed-accurate Bullberry rifle. Including a custom stock and bedding, prices on the 527 start at $1600. These small actions are an ideal platform for the new(er) 17 Hornady Hornet and similar small cartridges (please call with your caliber interest so we can discuss any limitations/necessary alterations). Caliber selection on the larger magnum-sized 550 actions may be limited for proper feeding, so call with any questions. Prices on a fully customized 550 rifle start at $1850.

All actions are blued, though they can be paired with blued chrome-moly or stainless barrels as the customer prefers. Actions can also be converted to single-shot or blind magazine.

The new .17 Winchester Super Mag. UPDATED

UPDATE (10/22/15): We have made the decision to no longer offer the .17 WSM in the Contender. We have now seen more variation in the ammunition, making it difficult to maintain the tolerances that we require in our custom barrels to hold up to our accuracy guarantee. This factor, and the bullet stabilization as mentioned in our previous update (below) have created too many variable for our liking. In addition, the firing system of the Contender and G2 actions is not the same as the rimfire systems used by the bolt action rifles offering the .17 WSM. This slight variation in firing pin strike positioning, paired with the variable ammo dimensions can lead to misfires. This doesn't make us happy and it certainly isn't the experience we want our customers to have.
Customers who have already taken delivery of .17 WSMs made by us are welcome to return those barrels for rechambering to .17 caliber centerfire rounds for just the cost of shipping. Refinishing and restamping to the new caliber will be included at no charge.

UPDATE (6/24/14): We have produced quite a few of these now and are hearing from those shooters that the 20 gr. bullets are performing well, but the 25 gr. seem to need a tighter-than-our-standard twist as they are printing sideways at range. We have yet to test either ammo in a 1:9 twist barrel, but it is our suggestion at this stage should you be planning on using the heavier bullets. 17 Caliber barrels in 9 twist require a special order Douglas barrel and therefore carry a premium price.

UPDATE (12/27/13): We have confirmed that the .17 WSM does work with the standard rimfire firing pin in the Contender and G2 actions. To date we have concluded a testing session using a newly built Encore barrel and our Bullberry-designed and made Rimfire Adapter (as described on our Accessories page). Unfortunately we have found that this angled pin design will not detonate these oversized rimfire cases. Since we have no intention to make offset pinned barrels, nor can we increase the angle of the rimfire pin in our adapter it is decided that the .17 WSM will only be available in the smaller T/C actions, or in select rimfire bolt actions as a rebarrel.

We are currently running a 4-month lead-time on average, so if you're interested in having a .17 WSM for the upcoming varmint season, now is a great time to order.

I'm leaving our original information on this page (below) for reference as to our initial concerns and the limited ammo availability plaguing the cartridge's release.

PAST ENTRY: We have received so many calls and emails regarding this new rimfire cartridge in the last few months it only made sense to add a note about its future availability in our custom barrels.

For starters, we plan to chamber for it, so you are welcome to place an order at any time. HOWEVER . . . this chambering won't be available immediately. Over the years we have rushed to add new reamers to our collection and have in turn regretted it. Until Winchester has a steady supply of the .17 WSM on shelves throughout the country, AND we're able to have a small variety of cartridges in our hands we will be patiently waiting. Once cartridges from different case lots can be measured we will order a custom reamer to minimum specs and begin chambering! To date (9/19/13) we have received one box of ammo from a customer and are beginning the testing process.

As this cartridge only debuted at the 2013 SHOT Show in January, we anticipate continued delays before the ammo is readily available. Please be patient with us while we wait to ensure the best possible chambering! Current industry "gossip" is suggesting full availability during the holiday season.

Initial information and measurements of the .17 WSM lead us to worry that our custom rimfire firing pin bushings will need to be modified or redesigned for this cartridge to be usable in the Encore. This would be as a result of the larger-than-standard-rimfire rim and body diameters. This issue will also require testing of the cartridge in the Classic Contender or G2 frames to ensure the factory rimfire pin is offset enough for consistent detination.

If you have any further questions regarding the .17 Win. Super Mag. feel free to contact us. Suggestions on how to order are below.

How to order custom

With so many options we always recommend you call to talk about what features will best suit both you and your intended targets. If you are unsure of the length you should order to achieve optimum accuracy in a given caliber, debating between a .308 and a 30-06, or even wondering what barrel contour will be most comfortable for hiking with, call in. We answer the phone so we can answer your questions.

435.635.9866 M-F, 8am-Noon & 1pm-5pm (Mountain Time)

If you already have a clear plan for your ideal custom barrel, stock, grip, forearm, or all of the above you are welcome to mail or fax your order. If any questions arise our team will contact you to clarify your specifications.

When ordering a custom grip or stock we recommend you mail or fax a tracing of your outstretched palm and fingers. Just like little kids turning their palm print into a turkey at Thanksgiving, these tracings help us size each palm swell to the individual shooter.

Please also be aware that our custom barrel leadtime can vary from just a few weeks to a few months depending on the immediate availability of the caliber/metal barrel you are interested in. We recommend that you call with your specific interests for our best estimated finish date. And of course, if you intend to order for a specific hunting season or competition, ordering with extra time to spare is always a good choice!

Submit Your Story or Review

We always love to hear what our customers have to say about their Bullberry products, be it a hunting story, caliber review or just a simple thank you.

Recently we decided to put together a page for you to easily submit those details, and in return we want to thank you for your praises. Submit a few sentences about your experience with our products and/or services and if we decide to use your comments in print or on the web you will earn a $20 credit toward your next order!

Visit the Submit Your Story page to fill in the details of your firearm and your message, then send straight from the page . . . it may be the easiest $20 you've ever made!

Read through the customer reviews and stories already submitted.

G2, Encore and ProHunter frame information:

Over the past couple years we have seen the classic Encore frames in blued and stainless steels be transitioned out of production. These standard Encore frames are considered unavailable as new at this time. ProHunter frames in stainless continue to be readily available and the previously discontinued blued ProHunter frames are becoming more readily available from our suppliers.

The G2 frames in blued and stainless options have been gradually reentering the market over the last few months of 2015 and start of 2016, after being unavailable new since 2011. The stainless G2, as with the ProHunter model, seems to be more readily available than the blued. But with our standard leadtime of 3-4 months on a custom barrel, we have had no issues in being able to purchase and supply G2 frames with their corresponding barrel orders.

As always, we do not sell frames for a profit, but rather as a courtesy to barrel customers. These will not be in our inventory for individual sale.

For pricing and additional information please visit the bottom of the Encore Barrels or the Contender/G2 Barrels pages.

30-221, 300 Whisper, or 300 Blackout?

While the interest in the Blackout seems to be waining, we still received calls occassionally asking about the availability of the 300 (AAC) Blackout in our break action barrels, so we figure we would keep this section of the site detailing what we know/offer.

The caliber we have come to chamber as a standard is the 30-221 which is just that, a 221 Rem. opened up to the 30 caliber. This is inherently the same as JDJ's Whisper designation and the names can be used interchangeably when dealing with dies and new components.

The request to move into Blackout territory is where most of the confusion lies, and rightly so as there is variation within the Blackout's standard ammo being made for both Sub- and Supersonic shooting.

A few Bullberry standards you need to realize before we delve further into this is that we don't long throat for accuracy reasons, and our standard twist rate in 30 caliber barrels is a 1:10. While we do offer tighter special-order twists in the Encore/ProHunter and bolt actions, we have made it policy over the years to limit the twists (and therefore pressures) that the Contender and G2 platforms are subjected to. While the Blackout caliber and intended usage may not create an overwhelming pressure spike in the tighter twists, we maintain our policy for the Cont. and G2s.

Now, with all that said, our standards do offer some wiggle room on the 300 Blackout ammo in our 30-221 chambers. Our 1:10 twist can stabilize Remington's standard subsonic ammo lineup, keeping bullets at 125 gr. or lighter. However, we refuse to long throat to alleviate pressures as the factory standard chambers will do. This means that you will see signs of pressure, but it is yet debatable if it is anything to panic over. Because it is faster there are limitations and without that throat relief we simply have to advise shooters to watch for the typical pressure signs: flattened primers, cratered primers, sticky opening/extraction, etc.

The subsonic ammo (and certainly subsonic handloads) put less at risk because there are fewer variables. Shooters are reporting better velocities with the heavier bullets in the tighter (1:9 or 1:8) twist rates that we offer as an upgrade (only in the Encore/ProHunter platform and bolt actions). The subsonic ammo is not typically paired with the relief-style long throating, so we already like that. Slowing down those 220 gr. bullets can lead to great energy transfer downrange, though it can also be at the cost of accuracy performance.

All in all, there's good and not-so-good in many calibers and the Blackout seems no different. As we make sporting firearms and not tactical weapons we tend to stear away from the latest to hit the AR circuit, but the 300 Blackout does have at least one foot in our wheelhouse. Please call if you have any questions or would like to place an order.



20 Gauge Slug Barrels for the Encore

These barrels are once again available in limited quanities!

We have recently placed another small order with the importer/supplier of these high quality Verney-Carron barrels from France and will be offering them until our supply runs out once again.

We can chamber for the 3-1/2" custom length, or the more standard 3" or 2-3/4" as requested. Hastings 3-1/2" Magnum components are no longer available from SlugsRUs.com, though their great Sabot Pressure Wads remain available and can maximize these barrels' performance in any chamber length. With the right components in these barrels you can expect increased slug stability and amazing accuracy, equivalent to their rimfire and centerfire Bullberry counterparts. As a surprise to some, these have been reported by customers to shoot within our standard accuracy guarantee.

For a full breakdown of barrel specifics, available lengths, prices and more please visit the complete info. page on our Custom 20 Gauge Rifled Slug Barrels.

Please Contact Us or call 435.635.9866 to put your premium quality 20 Gauge Rifled Slug Barrel on order today.

Website Update

There are still people commenting on our "new" website after over two years since the full rebuild, so I'm leaving the below information. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We thank you for your business!

Please take some time and look through the new pages. Sako with Bastogne WalnutThere is a lot of new photography included throughout, along with a few entirely new pages that we hope you will find informative. All our past Contest winners are still here, along with some new winners, so be sure to check them out. We think the site will be easier to navigate and may even help answer questions that we might usually be on the phone for (don't worry we're still happy to take your calls). If you have any questions or problems along the way please let us know by calling or submitting your questions through the Contact Us page. We are making an effort to answer people's online submissions within two business days. Thanks so much to all our new and long-time customers!


- September


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